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  • A&O rosins are the first bio, organic, natural rosins in the world to offer fully customisable rosin formulations and recipes without using chemical additives.  We create fully customisable recipes where its features and properties, such as grip, attack, traction, sound creation, stiffness, pliability and texture can be adapted and enhanced to fit adequately to your particular playing style.
  • A&O ROSIN also is the only rosin manufacturer who has the exclusive rights to the one source of Hungarian pine resin, an ingredient in all our products that provides the unique, full, round sound characteristics , consistent and uncompromising traction and grip that all of our products have.
  • A&O ROSIN offers consultation opportunities to its clients, where You can discuss and create your own recipe with the rosin manufacturer.

Our growing list of testimonials from our rosin users states that A&O Rosin is a totally different and new approach,  an uncompromising enhancement and definitely a huge improvement on other rosins they have used. Our string performing artists´ testimonials are creating the real-life story, comments, message and language we use in our communication with our users. A single example might be quite convincing: “A&O ROSIN – Strictly For Maximalists” – slogan suggested by Szűcs Máté, World-Class Viola Player, University Professor, Genf, Switzerland.