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Brand: AOROSIN – Alfa & Omega
Rosin Type: DARK
Rosin Code: JN 3:16-18
  • NEW premium formula and original recipe, further enhanced and customised for hot, humid, as well as cold and dry climates.
  • Premium Dark Rosin for professional string performing artists, extra grip and traction stickiness, it grabs the strings even more, than the Dolce Vangelo and Soloist Brilliante rosins
  • It adds deepness, richness in overtones, full, warm body to your instrument’s sound
  • It widens the audio spectrum of your instrument by adding multidimensional sound projection, while also able to provide a focused and projecting sound when a strong bow action requires soloistic performance
  • It provides a silky, velvety full and round sound, without any bowing noises, regardless of the articulation techniques used
  • Offers a high grip for demanding and discerning string players (Grip/Stickiness Profile Rating: GSPR: 9 (1: Low Grip/Stickiness, 10: High Grip/Stickiness)
  • Specially designed to coherently deliver high, middle-high and medium wave frequencies (Frequency Range Profile: FRP: 7 (1: Low Frequencies, 10: Low Frequencies)
  • A round & clear and warm tone for lyrical passages
  • Smooth and immediate bowing response, fast break-in time
  • Literally close to zero powdering
  • Extremely high dynamic range
  • Highly enhances the tonal quality and characteristics of the bow and of the instrument itself
  • Provides a round, profound, full, complex, textured, gutsy, luminous, clean, but also a very defined strong tone
  • In the default formulation Medium-Soft pliability, Extra-High adhesion
  • Round, strong and fast articulation with less effort
  • Ideal for orchestra players, soloists, large halls and live concert stages, chamber orchestra, string quartets
  • Highly reduces the whistle of A and E strings
  • Perfectly suitable for enhancing the tonal qualities of Thomastik, Pirastro, Larsen, but also of any other steel, synthetic or gut core based strings as well.
  • Every piece of A&O Rosin is handmade from the finest ingredients using a specific, unique formulation with more than 20 components
  • 100% natural, it doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or additives
  • Contains the finest and purest 100% organic Argan Oil in order to constantly clean and keep your bow’s hair in great condition, it highly reduces the number of rehairing needed.
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