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“SOLOIST BRILLIANTE” 1st (Previous) Release

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Product Details
Brand: AOROSIN – Alfa & Omega
Rosin Type: Light
Rosin Code: JN 14:6
  • Handmade based on the very first old recipe from 2021
  • Premium Light Amber rosin for professional string performing artists, it grabs the strings more gently than the other(Dolce Vangelo, Grande Salvezza) series producing a more lyrical, silky, focused and warmly luminous sound
  • Highly enhances the tonal quality and characteristics of the bow and of the instrument itself
  • Very high dynamics
  • In the default formulation – Medium hard pliability, medium-strong adhesion
  • Ideal for orchestra players, soloists, large halls and live concert stages
  • Moderately strong, well-balanced grip and traction stickiness
  • Minimal formation of dust, literally close to zero
  • Highly reduces the whistle of A and E strings
  • Confidently performs well in warm climates, during the summer and equally in wintertime
  • Perfectly suitable for enhancing the tonal qualities of Thomastik, Pirastro, Larsen, but also of any other steel or synthetic core based strings as well
  • Every piece of A&O Rosin is handmade from the finest ingredients using a specific, unique formulation with more than 20 components
  • 100% natural, it doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or additives.
  • Contains the finest and purest 100% organic Argan Oil in order to constantly clean and keep your bow’s hair in great condition, every time you swipe the rosin up and down. Thus, it highly reduces the number of rehairing needed.
  • No background or bowing/side noises, regardless of the articulation techniques used
  • Offers a moderate, well-balanced grip for demanding and discerning string players (Grip/Stickiness Profile Rating: GSPR: 7 (1: High Grip/Stickiness, 10: High Grip/Stickiness)
  • Specially designed to coherently deliver high, middle-high and medium wave frequencies (Frequency Range Profile: FRP:8 (1: High Frequencies, 10: Low Frequencies)
  • A luminous & bright and warm tone for lyrical passages
  • Smooth and immediate bowing response, fast break-in time
  • Confident and precise articulation
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